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Others advisors focus only on what to buy. We help you determine when.

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Timing is Everything

Even more important than determining what to buy or sell is determining when. If you’ve never had your portfolio holdings reviewed based on proper technical analysis, use this button to schedule a free review call. We’ll send you a copy of Morgan Housel’s “The Psychology of Money” as a thank you.
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Granite Wealth is a full-service investment firm catering to your financial planning and account management needs. Click any of the boxes below to learn more about our featured services:

Long-Term Financial Planning

Every successful investor starts with a plan. Whether you’re approaching retirement or just starting out, our experts will craft a long-term roadmap you can trust

‘Always On Duty’ Account Management

Instead of playing golf, we screen stocks and review client portfolios daily. We’re market junkies: growing and protecting your wealth is what we do.

Rock Solid 401(k)

Feel adrift when deciphering which investment choices to select within your company retirement plan? Believe it or not, you don’t have to go it alone.

Estate Planning Made Easy

Probate is a nightmare for your heirs. Putting off creating a will or trust due to the perceived cost or complexity? We’re proud to share how we address both.

Sought-After Insights

There’s a reason our advisors are routinely quoted in the press: our insights are valuable and unique. See for yourself; few market pros lay their viewpoints on the line so openly.

Helping Clients Reach Their Goals

“We have seen our investment assets build consistently over the years as Bruce and Andrew have navigated us through some very volatile markets. They have frequently reminded us to keep focused on our holding period and retirement dates… which have arrived!”
-Gary and Kim Loiacano, Fountain Valley California

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