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Need 401(k) Advice?

62% of investors would like help managing their employer retirement accounts.1 Our Rock Solid 401(k) can help

The 401k at your current employer: we can manage it for you!

"As I approach retirement, Granite Wealth has handled my 401k without stress"
-Tim Smith, Plymouth Massachusetts


With the Rock Solid 401(k) service, our experts will review your retirement plan options and rebalance them for you. Aside from gaining a strategic advantage, you’ll get a clearer view of your entire financial picture while we properly balance holdings across all your accounts.


By providing Granite’s Rock Solid 401(k) service to your plan participants, you help them unlock as much as 3-4% higher returns annually2. Expert advice + up to 75% additional growth over 20 years2 = very happy employees!

Conquer Information Overload

Through our technology partner, Pontera, we can manage your 401(k) so you don’t have to decipher plan information and fund options alone. We can filter for the top-performing choices while also balancing those funds with the rest of your holdings.

Unlock Your Saving Potential

Managing 401(k) assets separately from the rest of your assets prevents holistic asset allocation and tax planning. Our Rock Solid solution lets us manage all your financial accounts according to your personal plan.

Get Consolidated Reporting

Get a clearer view of what’s happening across all your portfolios. View your 401(k) along with the rest of your accounts through a single pane of glass, including quarterly performance reports, rebalancing activity and returns of top holdings.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our technology partner is a trusted solution for some of the largest financial institutions. in the world. Pontera is SOC 2 certified and uses bank level security architecture to ensure your data is protected.

Not just for 401ks…

Granite Wealth Management’s Rock Solid retirement services can be applied to a TSP, 403(b), 401(a) and many 529 and 457 plan accounts, as well. Use the form to the right to inquire about this one-of-a-kind, holistic planning service.

    1)  J.P. Morgan’s 2021 Defined Contribution Plan Participant Survey found in a result they called “The rise of ‘do it for me’” that 62% of their survey respondents “wish they could completely hand over retirement planning.”
    2) These figures result from multiple studies from VanguardRussell Investments and Aon Hewitt/Financial Engines