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Washed Out, Oversold, Thrown Overboard: the Dead Cat Bounce

Today I was talking with an investor who asked, “Is there ever a situation that arises where the chart looks so bearish it’s actually bullish?” Yes, typically around tax loss selling into the January bounce.  We do occasionally employ this strategy in our portfolios. You should strictly view this as a trade, however. Think about […]

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Rainstorms and Hedging Risk

None of us expect the weather to be all sunshine and perfect temperatures. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes the wind blows heavy. Sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes it’s really hot. Sometimes it’s cloudy.  Plans might have to change a little bit, but we don’t usually react extremely to the generally normal weather. When the weather gets extreme,

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Spring Sector Rotation

We have been expecting a pause in the spring of this election year for some time.  Historically, this has arrived in the February – March period. As growth stock managers, we are constantly on the lookout for under-the-radar growth stock opportunities. In such a sector rotation, will value stocks regain their leadership? We think not,

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Experience > Money

My story started in a small, suburban American town, with a pretty standard inside-the-box view of this world. More and more steps outside of that box, though, has always left me wanting to see and do more. I hitched a ride on the back of the US Marine Corps for 13 years, which showed me

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Expecting a Pause.

The February – March period is time for investors historically a wait and see attitude. Seasonally, this lines up with the in between earnings period where other factors tend to get front row seats…. geopolitics, domestic politics……all things China and doomsdayers. A break in the Magnificent Seven may in the cards and shift for a short-term return

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