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Estate Planning, Simplified

Whether creating your estate plan or settling someone else’s, Consider working with our preferred partner solution


From Tax Planning to Estate Planning, our partners at Trust and Will have the answers you need. Whether you’re making a plan for your personal financial goals or strengthening your legacy, be certain you’re tapping into the knowledge that comes with a specialized planning team.

Create your Will

A plan for what should happen to your assets. How you'd like to be cared for when you need it, and who will look after your children. $359 Payment plan available

Create Your Trust

Get all of the coverage of a Will plus reduce the burden on those you leave behind by avoiding probate court. $899 payment plan available

Start Probate

Probate on your terms. Choose the plan and level of support that's right for your unique situation. $850 Payment plan available

State-Specific Expertise

Every state is unique and has its own set of laws. Trust and Will has done the legwork to make sure you have the right documents and resources, and they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people secure their legacies.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

A complete and customized estate plan or a petition ready for probate in less than 30 minutes. All of your information is kept safe and secure using bank-level encryption, with full support included.

Some estates are complex. Most are not.

Why spend thousands of dollars for boilerplate forms that can be crafted In less than 30 minutes?