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Chart Whisperer Podcast, Episoide 1: AI and the Stock Market

The video below is the first episode of my Chart Whisperer podcast. I’ll be recording at irregular intervals at first but will perhaps make this a more permanent and regular endeavor going forward.

The following conversation is one I encourage anyone interested in the AI sector to watch, as I speak with a leader from KaufmanIT, an award-winning managed services provider (MSP) in California.

For those who don’t know, MSPs serve as the outsourced IT departments for small and mid-sized companies that don’t have their own internal IT staff. Anyone who receives the Mid-Week IT Roundup, the weekly email from KaufmanIT, knows this company has been heavily focused on AI developments for quite a while now, so I thought ‘who better to speak with about the fundamentals of artificial intelligence?’ This conversation will lead into my upcoming blog posts about AI-related stocks and how to approach them from an investment perspective.

Anyone interested in a balanced conversation about AI, Microsoft’s current position in the market and who might be interested in learning about a few specific, new AI tools that are truly impressive should give this conversation a listen. Enjoy!