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REPORT: 2024 Q2 Outlook — Navigating the Market’s Ebbs and Flows

Once again, we share our quarterly outlook for the stock market. This is a comprehensive viewpoint contained within a pdf report that is meant to synthesize many of the shorter blog posts that we post regularly. The full report can be downloaded here (Granite-Wealth 2024 Q2 Report) and at the bottom of this post. A short sample follows:

As we step into the second quarter of 2024, I remain steadfast in my optimism for the stock market’s trajectory. Since my “buy” recommendation in October 2022, we’ve witnessed a robust bull market that has rewarded investors who shared this bullish sentiment. However, the path of growth is rarely a straight line, and as I mentioned in my previous article a month ago, we should brace ourselves for the market’s natural pauses and pullbacks.

Interestingly, the pullback I anticipated did not materialize as promptly as I had expected. Yet, as we entered April, the Dow Jones Industrial Average greeted us with three consecutive down days, suggesting that the market may be heeding my earlier caution. So, what’s prompting this market hesitation?

The primary culprit appears to be…

Download the full 10-page pdf, including our quarterly chart book, here: Granite-Wealth 2024 Q2 Report