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Death and Taxes… and Pessimism

JANUARY 4, 2023  BEHAVIORAL FINANCECOLLEGE PLANNINGGEN ZINVESTMENTINVESTMENT MANAGEMENTMILLENIALSMONEY MINDSETPERSONAL FINANCE “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” -Benjamin Franklin, to his friend and French scientist, Jean Baptiste Le Roy (November 1789) It’s possible that, were he around today, Ben Franklin might have added pessimism to the short list of […]

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Stocks’ Reaction to Earnings

How has the earnings season gone? But, more importantly, how have stocks reacted to those earnings releases? Going into earnings, investors had great concerns about the 3rd quarter, as well as forward earnings visibility. Historically, earnings reports have exhibited a bit of sandbagging where the CEO or CFO will set the bar for forward visibility

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Investment Strategies: Sector Rotation

NOVEMBER 10, 2022  INSIGHTSINVESTMENTINVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Sector rotation is an investment strategy revolving around the movement of money between various industry categories of the markets, such as technology, financial services or healthcare. It can, however, also be applied in other ways where multiple categories can be measured and assessed: Asset classes: domestic equities (stocks), international equities, fixed

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